About Us

The Klefts were roaming bands of freedom fighters who lived and fought in the mountains of Greece during the Greek War of independence in 1821, and who were largely responsible for the liberation of Hellas from the 400-year Ottoman occupation.

The Klefts drew their tremendous courage and tenacity from a deep-rooted love of the landscape and the people of Greece. That same love has inspired Panos Marinos to establish this classic Greek taverna, to keep the memory of the Kleftic heroes alive and to stand as a tribute to their fortitude and their dedication.

In the menu, you will not encounter gyros, tasty food enough in its own right, but the culinary equivalent of the American hot dog or hamburger. Instead, the range of selections offered here represents the true splendor of Greek regional cuisine, characteristic dishes lovingly crafted just as they are in traditional kitchens of all the far-flung towns of Greece, from sleepy Peloponnesian seaports to steep villages high up in the mountain crags. This is the food that one might find on any Greek's table, but rarely if ever in any Greek restaurant.

Balancing this rich and varied menu is an equally fine list of Greek wines. Drawn from vintners all around the Hellenic peninsula, these are varieties that will surprise and delight the newcomer to Greek dining, and are the perfect compliment to Panos' authentic mezedes and entrees. Round off your evening with a cup of Greek coffee (that zesty survival from the Ottoman times) and a sweet slice of baklava.

And whatever you do, while you are here with us, please do not feel that you must hurry.

Welcome to the taverna!
Your host and chef,